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Easter 2014 Recap

Hey, it’s only been one week since Easter so I say I’m still within the acceptable window to post an Easter recap.  Mostly in pictures because, why not.  🙂

There was a little of this…

Easter 13

and a little of this….

Easter 8

and some of this…

Easter 9

a touch of this…

Easter 10

which lead to a few of these…

Easter 7

and ended with a lot of this.

Easter 6

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Easter 2011 in pictures.

We almost didn’t do an Easter basket and egg hunt for Rose this year because I seem to have it stuck in my head that she is still a baby.  Being said baby she obviously wouldn’t ‘get’ an egg hunt and wouldn’t care about a basket.   Yes denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.  Then I heard that her grandma was making her a little Easter basket.  It got me thinking, ‘Wait, Rose loves to pick up things and put them in containers.  And she loves little toys.  Dang it, she old enough isn’t she?’.  Oh yes she is.  She loved her basket full of bubbles (oh, the bubbles!) and her first Fresian, and a beautiful scarf with kitties on it, and and and. 

She picked up on the egg hunting right away, getting so excited when she found another egg.  Even when the ‘Easter Bunnies’ got silly and hid them on tires and waaaay up in the trees.  🙂  A huge hit was the Elmo Easter eggs (this kid is an Elmo nut).  If I had gotten her an Elmo with Bunny Ears Easter Basket I think she would have passed out from joy.  😉 Easter was a wonderful day filled with love and family made even more special because of the joy that my little girl brings.



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