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Public Service Announcement

The following is a Public Service Announcement from MAM (Mother’s Against Messes).

We here at MAM are working to bring a frightening trend into the public eye.  Distracted toddler feeding.  The resulting terrifying messes can be more than a parent can handle.  This can cause excessive use of wet wipes, staining of clothes, and sometimes even the requirement of a full body wash down.  So please, next time you put your toddler into his or her high chair for a meal, put down your phone, book or computer and pay attention!

The following pictures are graffic in nature so that faint of heart or tender of stomach should not look.  These are the results of a mother who was talking on her cel phone when she gave her innocent 18 month old daughter a carrot/beet/blueberry puree and then, because she was too distracted, turned her back for “just a second”.  In that short of a time, the toddler forgo the spoon and instantly created one of the worst messes the mother had ever seen.

Oh the horror!!!
The horror!!!
The aftermath…..

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