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Friday Ranch Day: May 31, 2013

The garden is fully planted now and even has the drip irrigation mostly installed.  Now to just get a power cord down there to turn on the timer.  That thing is fabulous!

Lots planted this year and with the newly built raised beds they actually have a chance of survival from the damn gophers.  Sure, it will take most of my lifetime to grow enough veggies to break even on the cost of the wood and dirt but hey, the piece of mind that barrier of wire mesh between my precious tomatoes and those furry little buggers is worth it.

Baby corn.

Baby Corn Plants

Baby tomatoes.

Baby Tomatoes

Baby potatoes.

Baby Potatoes

Baby peppers.

Baby Peppers

We also planted radishes, beans, egg plants, and tons of onions.  I still need to put down a layer of straw mulch to keep the soil moist since the hot California summer is only starting.

Blue Bird Update:  The little guys had flown the nest two days after I last wrote an update.  With five babies in there I bet the parents encouraged a quick graduation to adulthood.  ha!  Last week my dad took a peek inside and saw that there were 5 new eggs.  Those are some busy parents!

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