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Rose’s First House

We love our little girl so much, we built her a house.  Ok, technically we ‘assembled’ her a house.  With a little help from Nana and Grandpa we decided to get Rose a Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse for her birthday this year.  To say we picked the right present would be an understatement.  She cooked us soup, she hammered the nails, she went in and out and in and out of the door, she shrieked with excitement every time the ‘mail person’ put something in the mail box when she wasn’t looking.  She was so excited about the house that she took 45 minutes to fall asleep that night.  I’m thinking it was a success.  The video was when we thought it would stay out on the porch for outside play.  30 minutes later when the sun hit it and it became flamingly hot we moved it inside.

Update:  Now, 3 years later the house has help up wonderfully and it still played with daily by my two girls.  The younger has loved it since she was able to crawl in by herself.  More then worth the money.

The surprise.


Playing with Daddy


1 play house + 1 little girl = Happiness

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