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Toddler fun and a pregnancy update

Rose’s imagination and language have been growing with leaps and bounds over the past few months.  She is playing with her toys in new ways and enjoying longer books.  It’s a kick in the pants to drive her home from daycare as there is a running commentary in the backseat on what she did during the day, food she wants to eat, and conversations with people who aren’t there (she does both side of the conversation).  Her sense of humor is expanding as well and she loves to tell ‘jokes’ and do silly things for a laugh.
Here’s some pictures of what she’s been up too.
Reading books with Nana.
Wearing pretty dresses.
Painting with water colors.
Playing ”Daddy Slide’.

Her language is getting better and better although I still don’t understand if half the time unless I can see the context in which she is talking.  In the video above I know that she is asking where ‘something’ went but I have no idea what.  🙂   Tigger?  Turtle?  Table?  Who knows.And now for the pregnancy update.  I’m 17 weeks along now and thank goodness, the ickyness is finally gone.  It was worse than with Rose and for a longer period of time.  Blech!My tummy popped out right at 14 weeks.   Seriously it was like I woke up one day and poof!  I did the whole ‘rubber band to modify the nonpregnancy pants’ thing for a two weeks but then got a few maternity pants from a friend.  Sweet relief!  Then I received a full load of maternity pants from the friend that I borrowed from last time.  Oh my.  Lets just say that from the time I had Rose the number of clothes increased by a weee bit.  I now have more maternity clothes in my closet then I had regular clothes.  Yay for borrowing from nice friends!  I spend the better part of Sunday sorting and washing and hanging.  Phew!

The first half.
A whole huge box to go!

On another pregnancy front, other pregnancy systems have started to set in.  The aches and pains of the lessening tendons and stretching belly are here in force.  I’m hungry all.the.time.  And it looks like ‘pregnancy brain’ is a true phenomenon.  I looked at my feet at 10 minutes to 5pm on Friday and saw this. 


Yep, two different shoes.  Two different colors.  At least they were both flats. 🙂  Then on Saturday I had locked the door and was halfway to my car to run errands when I realized I didn’t have shoes on at all.  My friend pointed out that I don’t even have the excuse that I can’t see my feet anymore.  Imagine me at 9 months!


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