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Rose’s version of Puff the Magic Dragon

When Rose started to sleep in her own bed we upped the night time routine to include more stories and songs in an effort to concrete a more set bed time pattern.  This was also the time she was old enough to start paying attention to books more as we read then and to understand what we were singing to her (and try to sing along herself).  At this time I realized just how few children’s songs I know all the words too.  Twinkle twinkle? Check.  Rockabye baby? Check.  Anything else?  Umm, I knew the tune and a few words but that’s about it.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t realize this until about half way through the song so I would be stuck making something up to finish.  

For most of the songs I Googled once she was in bed and memorized the actual lyrics but with Puff the Magic Dragon, she got such a kick out of what I made up that I polished it up a little and have sung it ever since. I made it about her and her environment which she loved.  This of course got Nana in trouble when she tried to sing the real lyrics and Rose told her on no uncertain terms that she had it all wrong.  Especially since I had to change the tune just a little at the end.

The other night she was playing with a light up chick that her awesome aunt Gayle and uncle Ken got her and started singing the song.  Luckily Steve got it on video for posterity.

 Feel free to sing along.

Puff the Magic Dragon (Rose’s version)

Puff the Magic Dragon lived in the trees
And frolicked amongst the flowers
And ran amongst the weeds

Little Rosie Posey she loved that dragon so much
They went on grand adventures
Little Rosie and her Puff 


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Rose Sings the Classics

My little girl.  She is obviously destined to be a famous singer.  Or a Rockette.

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