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Rose’s First House

We love our little girl so much, we built her a house.  Ok, technically we ‘assembled’ her a house.  With a little help from Nana and Grandpa we decided to get Rose a Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse for her birthday this year.  To say we picked the right present would be an understatement.  She cooked us soup, she hammered the nails, she went in and out and in and out of the door, she shrieked with excitement every time the ‘mail person’ put something in the mail box when she wasn’t looking.  She was so excited about the house that she took 45 minutes to fall asleep that night.  I’m thinking it was a success.  The video was when we thought it would stay out on the porch for outside play.  30 minutes later when the sun hit it and it became flamingly hot we moved it inside.

Update:  Now, 3 years later the house has help up wonderfully and it still played with daily by my two girls.  The younger has loved it since she was able to crawl in by herself.  More then worth the money.

The surprise.


Playing with Daddy


1 play house + 1 little girl = Happiness

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A fantabulous toddler birthday

Sure Rose was only turning 2 years old and will no doubt remember absolutely nothing about her birthday but that’s no reason not to give her a fabulous day.  There were scrabbled eggs and little trains and books and big trains and train rides and toy trains and ice cream and long naps and pancakes and chocolate milk for dinner and snuggles with daddy well past a normal bedtime.

Starting the day off right with a book on the way to the California State Railroad Museum.
The train museum!!  Smiles in the dinning car.
“I can move the trains with these buttons?  Heaven!!”
“Trains we can play with too?  Yay!”
“That engine is huge!  Woo Woooo!”
“Snuggles with Daddy are the best part of the day.”
“Vic’s ice cream??  I’m in heaven!!”
“That’s all folks!”


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When the Daddy is away, the girls will play

Steve was gone this Friday for a boy scout overnight which was the perfect excuse to have our first sleepover.  But first, bath time with Elmo (of course).


No slumber party is a true slumber party without snacks. (Note the required ketchup and ranch dipping stations)  I had seen this concept on a couple of websites and it went over like gangbusters with Rose.  She loved to have all the choices and dipping options.  I loved that they were all healthy (everything was organic and/or whole grain).

Even Rosie the Engine had a little munch.

We snuggled on the couches (I pushed two together and put a bunch of blankets and pillows on them) and watched Elmo to our (well her) hearts content.  Love love love!


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