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When my 3 year old corrected my english

The scene: 6:10 am, trying to get my daughter out the door to daycare.

Me: Hurry hon, your toast is waiting for you by the door.

Rose:  Mommy, it’s not peoples.

Me:  What’s not peoples?

Rose:  The toast.

Me:  *blank stare* What do you mean honey?

Rose:  The toast is not peoples.

Me:  *light bulb* You mean the toast is not alive so it can’t be waiting for you?

Rose:  Yep.  Silly Mommy.

Yes, I was schooled this morning in proper English by my 3 year old.  This is why I am loosing so badly at Words with Friends.

I just know that I will be loosing to her too in a few short years.

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