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A day at the water park

Rose likes water.  I take that back, Rose loves water.  No wait, Rose LOVES water.  Besides her love of trains, it’s proof that half of her DNA came from her daddy.  The two of them can play in a creek for the better part of a day.

On my day off this week I met with a friend at a local park that had a very cool water feature.  Rose was in heaven.  They had built a concrete creek with an inch or two of water flowing through which was perfect to wade in, fill buckets, and float small plastic pigs down (the only thing I had in my diaper bag that floated).

Picture proof my daughter knows how to share.  At least this time.

The second water feature was a waterfall that flowed from a giant steel pipe about 10 feet in the air.  With water flowing at 25 feet per second, you would think it would dissuade most toddlers.  Not my daughter!  It took her about 5 minutes to get up the guts to run through.


Do you think she liked it?



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