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Friday Ranchday: Bluebird baby update

Last year my parents installed a bluebird box down by the horse pasture.  We saw a few sets of eggs in there and unfortnatly some dead babies due to ant infestation.  This year we used Tanglefoot on the box post and so far so good.  Yay!  Two weeks ago we noticed two eggs in the nest.  A few days later there were six.  Needless to say the mommy and daddy bluebirds are very busy this year.   Last week we came down and there were six little fluffy babies in there.

 Thursday Evening (6 tiny bundles of fluff)

Blue Bird Babies

A week in pictures of baby bluebird growth.

A week in pictures of baby bluebird growth.

Tuesday Evening. Feathers are starting to fill out.  I’m loving the little fluffy tufts around their heads.

 Friday morning.  The feathers have filled out even more.  You can see the one at the top right  is starting to get some blue.Baby bluebirds


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